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Serving Medically Fragile Students

California non-classroom-based (NCB) charter schools are uniquely created and positioned as public school options to serve students, especially students identified as medically fragile, successfully. These personalized programs allow parents to partner with credentialed teachers and educational professionals to individualize the learning, align services, design supports, and achieve success for each student, regardless of their medical condition or limitations. 

In California, a school is considered non-classroom based if more than 20% of learning happens off-campus. Because all NCB schools’ funding is based on academic outcomes – not just time in a seat – students can focus on what they do well while challenging themselves under the care of a credentialed teacher overseeing their academic, social, and emotional needs.  Schools like these across the state embrace flexibility and align their specific programs to meet student needs. Students who struggle with health challenges and are medically fragile need this flexibility to be successful.

Since NCB charter schools can embrace the flexibility of a school week without being tied to a clock or a bell schedule, students can successfully navigate learning from home, at a school facility, or elsewhere through technology and face-to-face meetings.

NCB charter schools embrace the idea that one size does not fit all. These schools champion the unique needs of every child and work to nurture, value, and support their learning needs to ensure that they reach the level of success that aligns with their potential. Professional teachers are tireless in their pursuit of meeting the needs of students with the idea that all things are possible, and every student can and will learn. The support, care, and love these students experience, help them grow, learn, and thrive. NCB charter schools offer the fertile ground in public education where new innovative approaches are welcomed, and learning happens on purpose.  

Students, parents, and educators have choices when it comes to options in public education.  NCB charter schools continue to be a place where the unique needs of students are elevated, celebrated, and valued.  They are also a place where the most fragile find success and where those with physical, mental, or emotional needs can be cared for, supported, and loved.  Let’s all remember that public education is a right in California and having options under that banner is how every student can hope for and achieve success.



If you are interested in learning more about the lawsuit, you can go to  There you can read a copy of the court briefs and see videos of some of the inspiring student plaintiffs in our case.

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