Practice Areas

YM&C provides legal counsel for every aspect of school law.

Practice Areas

YM&C offers legal expertise in every facet of school creation, expansion, and operation.

Labor & Employment

Having worked with charter schools since the inception of the Charter Schools Act in 1992, the Young, Minney & Corr, LLP Labor & Employment team is exclusively qualified to represent charter schools in all areas of state and federal law compliance in this regard. Our team prides itself on providing sound legal guidance and practical and preventative advice to assist our clients in effectively navigating their daily human resources challenges and responding to more complex areas of potential liability. We have successfully defended the rights of charter schools on nearly every issue facing charter school employers in all labor and employment-related forums, from state and federal administrative agencies to the California Supreme Court.


Employment Contracts Employee Handbooks and Board Policies
Hiring Issues Executive Compensation
Investigations Performance Management/Evaluations
Layoffs Employee Discipline Proceedings
Severance Agreements Employee Leaves of Absence
Professional Boundaries Unlawful/Sexual Harassment Prevention
Wage and Overtime Issues Consensual Relationships in the Workplace
Workplace Discrimination Disability and Religious Accommodations
Workers’ Compensation Whistleblower Retaliation
Wage and Hour Compliance Union Organizing
Impasse Proceedings Collective Bargaining/Negotiations
Unfair Practice Charges Grievances and Arbitration
Independent Contractors Employee Retirement and Health Benefits
Compliance Audits Alternative Dispute Resolution
Management and Board Training

Labor & Employment Specialists:

James E. Young Sarah Cassady Haley Dumas
Chastin H. Pierman Anthony Serrao Ashland N. Denison
Sarah J. Kollman Kaela Haydu
Roger L. Scott

Student Rights & Discipline

Young, Minney & Corr, LLP’s student services team of attorneys is actively engaged in ongoing client counseling and development and maintenance of charter school preventative policies and procedures related to student rights, discipline, and health and safety.

YM&C Student Services attorneys work with you to strengthen and protect your policies and procedures governing student rights and discipline. We help charter schools comply with a variety of state and federal laws applicable to charter school students, providing both preventative counseling as well as litigation support for claims involving alleged due process and civil rights violations. We regularly provide workshops and training on the suspension and expulsion process, search & seizure, civil rights, and managing disruptions on school grounds.


YM&C attorneys can help you navigate difficult student and parent-related situations, develop strategies to avoid liability, create effective defenses to litigation and strengthen your educational programs. These include, but are not limited to: 

Development and Maintenance of Student-Parent Handbooks Development and Maintenance of School Safety Procedures
Development and Maintenance of  Suspension and Expulsion Policies Development and Maintenance of Visitor and Volunteer Policies and Procedures
Development and Maintenance of Progressive Discipline Procedures Accommodating Medical and Religious Issues in the Charter School
Representation at Student Expulsion Hearings Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation
Managing the Relationship with Your Authorizer Immunization Policies and Procedures
Maintaining and Managing Student Records Defense of Student record Challenges
Legally Appropriate Responses to Public Records Requests Representation During Student Admission Lotteries
Legally Appropriate Responses to Student Records Requests Development and Maintenance of Student Admissions and Lottery Policies
Compliance with State and Federal Laws Related to Student Rights, Discipline, Health & Safety

Student Rights & Discipline Specialists:

James E. Young Mariam Babayan Cassandra Bridge
Lisa A. Corr Rebecca Diddams Ashland N. Denison
Kimberly Rodriguez Ashley De Vance
Casey L. Fee Stacy H. Tolkin
Brinkley E. Ruggiero Christy M. Feldman

Special Education

YM&C attorneys have extensive knowledge of state and federal special education laws, the relationship between a charter school and its authorizer as relates to the delivery and funding of special education instruction and related services, the transition to operating as an LEA and member of a SELPA, and defense of claims under the IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

YM&C attorneys aggressively defend charter schools against claims brought under the IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Additionally, we are experts at preventive counseling in IDEA and Section 504 compliance, assisting charter schools in understanding legal requirements and developing and maintaining legally compliant policies and procedures for students with disabilities. YM&C is an industry leader in negotiating agreements between charter schools and authorizers related to special education service delivery and funding and preparing applications for SELPA membership.  We regularly provide workshops and training on the IDEA and Section 504, with a specific focus on charter schools engaging in the best practices for lawfully supporting and addressing the needs of disabled students.


YM&C attorneys can help you navigate difficult public education situations and develop strategies to avoid liability, create effective defenses to litigation and strengthen your educational programs for students with disabilities. These include, but are not limited to: 

Compliance with the IDEA Compliance with Child-Find Requirements
Defense of Special Education Due Process Hearings Brought by Parents or Guardians. Development and Maintenance of Special Education Policies and Procedures
Representation of Charter Schools in Claims Brought by Charter Schools Against Parents to Advocate for the Student’s Access to a Free Appropriate Public Education. Representation During Pre-Hearing Mediations and Development of Settlement Agreements
IEP Meeting Attendance IEP Development
Compliance with Section 504 IEP Implementation and Related Services
Defense of State and Federal Compliance Complaints SELPA Applications and Admission Requirements
Communication with Parents and Advocates Managing Special Education Records

Special Education Specialists:

Lisa A. Corr Rebecca Diddams Ashland N. Denison
Drew K. Rymer Stacy H. Tolkin Ashley De Vance
Brinkley E. Ruggiero Christy M. Feldman
Mariam Babayan Cassandra Bridge


Finding the right facility for your school for lease or purchase, or even building your school facility, is a complicated and detail-oriented process with many potential pitfalls. YM&C attorneys are very experienced in a wide variety of real estate transactions. They are knowledgeable about more general laws applicable to facilities and legal issues unique to charter schools (for example, ensuring eligibility for SB 740 and negotiating facilities use agreements with school districts). In addition, once your charter school has selected its facility, YMC attorneys have many years of experience in assisting with advice on facility construction, bidding, prevailing wage, public works requirements, and maintenance of school facilities. As a result, YMC attorneys can help you navigate all the different issues you need to think about and address as you seek a facility for your charter school and then occupy that facility in the years to come.

In addition, YMC has advocated for the rights of many charter schools in the area of Prop. 39, and has successfully litigated several cases that have fundamentally improved the rights of charter schools in Prop. 39 (including Ridgecrest v. Sierra Sands School District and Meadows Art and Technology Elementary School v. Conejo Valley Unified School District).


Our charter defense team provides timely and detailed assistance in the following areas:

Lease Negotiations Advice on Financing Options
Facilities Use Agreement Negotiations Purchase and Sale Agreements
SB 740 Eligibility Zoning Review
Proposition 39 Advocacy Department of Transportation Approval
Prevailing Wage and Public Works Requirements Land Use Requirements

Facilities Specialists:

Paul C. Minney Sarah J. Kollman
Jerry W. Simmons Casey L. Fee Julio N. Colomba

School Development

YM&C is proud to offer the state’s most experienced attorneys in charter development. Our clients are new petitioners, renewing schools, and growth-minded CMOs. We work with our clients at all stages of the development and renewal process, including charter drafting, charter review, evaluation of relevant authorizer board policies, attendance at authorizer public hearings and decision meetings, and appeals if necessary. We provide targeted, individualized, and timely advice based upon our substantial statewide perspective, blended with our tailored local knowledge; our expertise in charter development is unparalleled.


Our school development team works within your timelines to provide services in the following areas:

Charter Drafting Negotiating Memoranda of Understanding
Charter Review – Legal and Substantive Assistance with Grant Proposals
Advising on Legal Requirements for the Academic Threshold Requirements for Charter Renewal Evaluation Of Growth Opportunities for Existing Charter Schools Seeking Replication
Strategizing a Charter Submission Game Plan Responding to Findings for Denial
Quarterbacking at Authorizer Board Meetings Advising on Signature Requirements for Charter Petitions
Tailored, In-Person Advocacy During Public Hearings and School Board Decision Meetings Assembling Appeal Packages to a County Office of Education or the State Board of Education
Tailored Advice and Advocacy During Appeal Public Hearings and Decision Meetings Advising on Compliance with Public Transparency Laws
Evaluation of Authorizer Charter School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations for Unique Requirements Firsthand Knowledge of School District, County, SBE Board Members, Charter Division Staff, and Unique Expectations
Interpreting and Advising on Conditional Approvals or Renewals Addressing Facilities Grant Requirements in the Charter Petition

School Development Specialists:

Paul C. Minney Janelle A. Ruley
Lisa A. Corr Drew K. Rymer Ashland N. Denison
Jerry W. Simmons Lee Rosenberg



Liability Litigation

YM&C’s team of experienced litigators and trial attorneys is committed to providing clients with the highest quality legal services and achieving efficient, cost-effective resolutions of litigated disputes. Our attorneys abide by strict standards of practice to ensure consistent, superior service.

We care deeply about our clients and are committed to their success. As a result, we work hard to build long-term, positive, and rewarding relationships with our clients and insurers.



Wrongful Termination Premises Liability Anti-SLAPP
EPL/Employment Lawsuits Unfair Competition Product Liability
Negligent Hiring and Retention Indemnity/Contribution Sexual Harassment and Abuse
Wrongful Death Construction Fire/Wildfire
Negligence Declaratory Relief Actions Business Litigation
Retaliation and Harassment Property Damage Landlord/Tenant
Labor Code 1102.5 Retaliation Nuisance Breach of Contract
Commercial Claims Civil Rights Real Property Disputes
Sex, Disability, and Race Discrimination Wage And Hour Issues (including Individual Claims, Class Actions, and PAGA Claims) Intentional/Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

Charter School Litigation

YM&C has been representing California charter schools in litigation matters since the inception of the Charter School Act in 1992. Our team is highly regarded in the legal community and has successfully represented charter schools at all levels of California state and federal courts and in mediations, arbitrations, and administrative hearings. YM&C has been involved in almost all seminal court cases shaping the legal landscape for charter schools.

In addition to the litigation services above…

Charter Petition Denial Funding Disputes (E.G., Basic Aid, Title 1, Etc.)
Charter Renewal Denial Defense of Brown Act, Public Records Act
Charter Revocation and Notices to Cure Grievances and Arbitrations
State and Local Audits Unfair Practice Charges
Prop. 39 Facilities Rights Special Education and 504 Proceedings
Student Rights Issues Zoning and Entitlement Issues
DOJ, AG, FCMAT and OIG Investigations Uniform Complaint Defense

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