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Lobbying and Political Activity – What Can Be Done Regarding AB 1316 and Other Threats
Assembly Bill 1316 is a bill currently pending in the Legislature that will have a dramatic and profound negative impact upon all charter schools in California — including:
    • Increasing authorizer oversight fees to 3%,
    • increasing audit guide requirements,
    • requiring implementation of the expensive and cumbersome Standardized Account Code Structure,
    • requiring credentials for vendors serving your students,
    • limiting the size of non-classroom-based charter schools based upon the size of authorizing school districts,
    • reducing funding of non-classroom-based charter schools by 30% as a baseline and limiting enrollment to in-county students,
    • requiring that all non-classroom-based charter schools have a classroom-based option,
    • and a multitude of other legal compliance issues.
This webinar will address the key provisions of AB 1316 (including any amendments discussed in committee) as well as what you can and cannot legally do in terms of lobbying and political activity relating to this and other charter school legislative threats.


May 12, 2021


6:00–7:15 PM




Attorney Lisa Corr
Lisa A. Corr, ESQ.
Jerry Simmons
Jerry W. Simmons, ESQ.

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