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Do you ever ask yourself what your role should be in an IEP meeting? As a representative of the LEA, you are responsible for speaking on behalf of the school, committing school resources, and sometimes making a final decision when things get contentious. That’s a big ask that can, unfortunately, lead to significant liability if not executed well.

 This interactive workshop will provide administrators with the tools they need to lead an effective and legally compliant IEP team meeting. Here is a preview of a few of the topics covered:

    • How to prepare your team for the IEP meeting;
    • How to chair an IEP team meeting;
    • How to anticipate issues before they become a problem;
    • Best ways to respond to families from a collaborative, data-based approach; and
    • Explore a variety of methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Stacy and Rebecca will bring real-life examples and related lessons to fill your toolbox for the IEP season.

Who Should Attend: LEA Administrators


Jerry Simmons

Rebecca Diddams, ESQ.
Senior Counsel

Stacy H. Tolkin

Stacy Tolkin, ESQ.

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Education