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Board secretaries play a critical role in the smooth functioning of a charter school board. This boot camp will help board secretaries know how to accomplish all the essential components necessary to not only ensure compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act in managing board agendas but also how to assist Board members to be as effective as possible in governing the school. Transparency, public accessibility, and proper governance procedures will help your school to foster public trust and engagement.  Board secretaries play a critical role in this.

The topics covered include:

    • Avoiding pitfalls with agenda management systems.
    • Posting agendas in the appropriate locations.
    • Surveying board members to determine a quorum.
    • Managing teleconference rules.
    • Staffing school sites and resource centers.
    • Compiling and distributing agenda backup materials.
    • Addressing public inquiries.
    • Drafting accurate board minutes.
    • Ensuring Board members know how to fill out Form 700s properly.
    • Saving recordings and/or disposing of recordings from board meetings.

After this training, Board Secretaries can support board meetings lawfully and efficiently.

Join us for this webinar to prepare for a productive year of governance.

Who Should Attend: Board Secretaries or staff responsible for staffing the Board and its meetings.


Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons, ESQ.

Lee Rosenberg

Lee Rosenberg, ESQ.
Senior Counsel

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