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You asked, we answered! Graduation season can be an exciting time of year, but it can also be confusing and scary for special education students, their families, and their IEP teams! Join us for this webinar to learn what your school needs to be doing as special education students approach graduation and adulthood.

This webinar will discuss graduation requirements for charter schools in general and then will focus its attention on frequently asked questions regarding the graduation of special education students including awarding certificates of completion. We will also talk about the creation and implementation of legally compliant transition plans. Attendees will leave the webinar well-equipped to create strong graduation policies for all students, and to support special education students in transitioning to graduation and beyond. Graduation cap not included in completion of the webinar.


May 18, 2022


12:00–1:15 PM




Attorney Lisa Corr

Rebecca Diddams, ESQ.

Janelle Ruley

Mariam Babayan, ESQ.

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Education