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In the last three days, Governor Gavin Newsom has issued Executive Orders N-29-20, N-30-20, and N-33-20, and signed SB 117 — each designed to fight the impacts of COVID-19 in California. In addition, the California Department of Education (“CDE”) and the California Health and Human Services Agency (“HHS”) released COVID-19 guidance (“Guidance”) applicable to charter schools regarding child care and supervision, school meals, and distance learning, including considerations for English learners and students with disabilities. This Legal Alert will provide you with additional guidance and information regarding these new developments.

Such guidance does not constitute legal advice but is solely intended as a general resource to assist charter schools. For specific legal advice under the particular facts of your school’s situation, legal counsel should be consulted.

  • Links to the Executive Orders, CDE Guidance, and SB 117 Text

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