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Get ready for IEP season! Is your team confident in drafting strong, legally defensible IEPs? Join us for this two-part webinar to ensure you can check all the boxes for procedural compliance to avoid expensive mistakes and liability.

IEP meeting Prep 101:

  • How simple errors can cost the school big money: the basics of compliance.
  • What is an educational benefit anyway? Drafting IEPs with the end goal in mind.
  • Threshold issues that can ruin an IEP before you start the meeting. 

IEP meeting Prep 201: 

  • How goals can help you draft a winning IEP: objectively measurable and appropriately ambitious.
  • Make a clear offer of FAPE you can defend in court.
  • Do Charter Schools really have to do THAT? Avoid costly systemic errors. 


Jerry Simmons

Rebecca Diddams, ESQ.

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Education

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