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Understanding When an LEA MAY, MUST, and CAN’T File for Due Process Against a Parent – and Considerations of Alternatives for Resolution of Parent Disputes

Under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (“IDEA”) parents can file due process claims against their local educational agencies (“LEAs”). Many charter schools have been named as respondents in due process claims. This webinar, however, will focus on those instances where a charter school files a due process claim against a parent.

There are instances within the IDEA and State law where an LEA may file a due process claim against a parent, where an LEA must file a due process claim against a parent, and where an LEA may not file a due process claim against a parent. This webinar will discuss these scenarios and alternative considerations for resolving disputes with parents under the IDEA that do not involve filing a due process complaint.

Who Should Attend: School Leaders, Student Services Directors, Special Education Directors


Attorney Lisa Corr
Lisa A. Corr, ESQ.

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