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As you reopen for the 2021-22 school year, please join us for a webinar that addresses questions associated with implementing and enforcing mask and vaccine mandates for both employees and students.

YMC attorneys will discuss how to:

      • Process medical exemptions being claimed by students and employees;
      • Respond to religious objections to masks and vaccines;
      • Implement the vaccine and testing requirements for employees;
      • Deal with test results not arriving on time;
      • Process leave requests by employees for testing purposes;
      • Manage COVID-19 exposures in school;
      • Maintain documentation of employee and student interactions to protect your school from claims;
      • Determine when you can exclude students and employees from campus;
      • Comply with child find obligations triggered by students claiming medical exemptions;
      • Develop policies and procedures you need to have in place;
      • Negotiate with unions if necessary; and
      • Handle difficult employees and parents.

We will also have an opportunity for Q&A during the presentation.


August 20, 2021


10:00–11:30 AM




Sarah Kollman

Sarah J. Kollman, ESQ.

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Public Education for All Children