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Finding a facility for your school is critical to the success of your school but can be very challenging. Understanding all of the requirements (zoning, building codes, etc.) that you must meet in order to lease or purchase a facility, make improvements to it, and then actually operate from the facility can be overwhelming. Many charter schools have also found themselves stuck in a lease or facilities use agreement that is unaffordable or contains harsh/unfair terms. This webinar will examine the many issues charters must consider in identifying, securing, and improving facilities and strategies for negotiating purchase and lease terms.

Attendees will have a strong understanding of the issues involved in finding, securing, and improving a charter school facility.

Who Should Attend: Charter School Board Members, Business Managers, Instructional Leaders & New School Developers.


Sarah Kollman

Sarah J. Kollman, ESQ.

Paul Minney

Julio N. Colomba, ESQ.

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