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The California Legislature passed numerous new laws through the close of the 2021-22 legislative session affecting many aspects of California charter school operations. Some became effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature, and some become effective January 1, 2023. This webinar will provide an overview of these new laws and court cases, focusing on how they may affect your school and its practices. The new laws include: Brown Act changes, managing disruptive members of the public at meetings, ethics training requirements, cyberattack reporting, COVID-19-related laws, emergency teaching permits, clarifications on grant programs like the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program, laws addressing mental health, parental notification regarding firearm safety, TK compliance requirements, and various new employment laws, including pay data transparency, excusing employees from work during emergencies, off-duty cannabis use, and employee leave, among others.

What You’ll Learn: Attendees will gain practical insights into the impacts of this new legislation and helpful strategies to comply with the new laws. Our content goes beyond what you may see from other sources on changes to the Education Code. We will cover new laws applicable to nonprofit corporations operating charter schools that are found outside of the Education Code, including labor laws applicable to nonprofit employers.

Who Should Attend: Executive Directors, Principals, Charter School Board Members, Chief Financial Officers, Business Managers, Human Resources Managers


Jerry Simmons

Jerry W. Simmons, ESQ.

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Lee J. Rosenberg, ESQ.
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