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Please join us for this complimentary webinar being offered to communicate to all clients and potential clients of School Pathways on how the School Pathways Program assists with meeting AB 130 independent study documentation requirements.

YMC will facilitate the conversation to outline the legal documentation requirements for independent study under AB 130 and School Pathways team members will demonstrate how their independent study software allows educators to manage more easily IS program instruction and compliance, including the changes enacted through the passage of AB 130.*


August 5, 2021


4:30–5:30 PM




Attorney Lisa Corr

Lisa A. Corr, ESQ.

Oliver Wreford

Oliver Wreford, CEO
School Pathways

*YMC and School Pathways have no legal relationship with one another and neither profit from the business of the other. YMC and School Pathways are partnering in this workshop given the many overlapping clients that are served by both.

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