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Don’t miss our critical webinar that unravels the legal obligations public schools must navigate to protect students and staff from the risk of weapons on campus. In today’s world, a nurturing and safe learning environment is non-negotiable, and comprehending the legal intricacies is crucial to achieving this result. Join us for invaluable insights and actionable guidance.

Key topics to be covered:

  1. The legal obligations of public schools in preventing and responding to weapons on campus;
  2. Legal consequences and liabilities for non-compliance;
  3. Conducting legally compliant student searches;
  4. Collaborative efforts with law enforcement and community stakeholders;
  5. Effective policy development and implementation;
  6. Balancing safety with students’ rights and community concerns and
  7. Case studies and best practices for ensuring a safe, educational environment.

Who Should Attend:  School Administrators, Board Members, and Teachers

Sarah Kollman

Sarah Kollman, ESQ.

Lee Rosenberg, Esq.

Drew Rymer, ESQ.

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Education