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Independent Study


YM&C attorneys are statewide experts in the complicated and often murky intersection of charter school law and independent study laws, defending charter schools through audits and audit appeals and litigation related to facility location. Our attorneys are expert in independent study law, counseling charter schools in preventative practices and legal compliance with state independent study laws.

YM&C is the only law firm with a team of attorneys expert in in the cross-over of charter school laws and independent study laws, counseling our clients in the development and maintenance of legally appropriate board policies, master agreements and other commonly audited independent study documents. Our attorneys aggressively defend charter schools against audit exceptions and during audit appeals in from of the Education Audit Appeals Panel. Additionally, we are experts in assisting charter schools with the complex legal requirements related to independent study students eligible under the IDEA or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. YM&C attorneys regularly provide workshops and trainings on independent study legal compliance, with a specific focus toward charter schools engaging in the best practices for lawfully supporting and addressing the needs of disabled students.


YM&C attorneys can help you navigate the relationship between charter school laws and independent study laws and develop strategies to avoid liability, create effective defenses to litigation and strengthen your independent study programs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance and training with state independent study laws and regulations.
  • Defense of Audit Exceptions and Appeals in front of the Education Audit Appeals Panel.
  • Development and maintenance of legally compliant independent study documents, policies and procedures, and record-keeping
  • Assisting with the non-classroom based funding determination process.
  • Defense of litigation related to the location of resource centers.

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