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Our school defense team is here to help you fend off a revocation or non-renewal attempt from an authorizer. While we strive to proactively assist our clients in maintaining collaborative relationships with their authorizers, charter defense sometimes becomes necessary. Our experienced team can assist with responses to a Notice of Concern, Notice to Cure, Notice of Violations, and Notice of Intent to Revoke, as well as with the appeal process following a nonrenewal. We can quickly jump into any stage of the process and are immediately responsive to your needs.



Our charter defense team provides timely and detailed assistance in the following areas:

  • Response to Notice of Concern
  • Response to Notice to Cure
  • Response to Notice of Violations
  • Response to Notice of Intent to Revoke
  • Tailored, in-person advocacy during public hearings and decision meetings
  • Behind-the-scenes coaching on meetings and conversations with authorizer staff
  • Preparation of revocation appeal packages, including in-person advocacy
  • Preparation of nonrenewal appeal packages, including in-person advocacy

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