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With nearly a year of life under the new AB 1505 framework for charter renewal, YM&C experts will be sharing trends and insights into interpretations of new legal requirements.  We will focus on the practical application of the law and what it means for your school. 

During this 75-minute session, we will discuss:

  • Varying requirements for each of the three tracks for academic threshold criteria
  • Considerations for DASS schools
  • New timelines for approval of renewal charters
  • Limitations on appeal rights
  • Other new legal requirements for charter petitions

Questions & Answers
Tune in for important lessons from the field, and learn how they will impact your renewal.


February 10, 2021


10:00–11:15 AM




Janelle Ruley

Janelle Ruley, ESQ.

Lee Rosenberg

Lee Rosenberg, ESQ.
Senior Counsel

Champions of Outstanding Choices in Public Education for All Children