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Today’s technology gives charter schools unprecedented ease in collaborating, sharing, and remotely storing all kinds of documents. “The cloud” has revolutionized how school, grade-level, or subject-matter teams can work together to provide the highest quality educational programs for kids. But what happens when things go sideways? With everything in the cloud and potentially attached to numerous accounts, logins, and drives, who has custody and ownership of these confidential and valuable documents? What happens if you get hacked? How long should records be maintained? Does Google Drive and OneDrive meet legal standards for security and privacy? This session will discuss legal requirements and best practices in digital asset management and the potential landmines to avoid.

Attendees will understand the ownership rights and data preservation responsibilities regarding cloud-stored data and work products. Attendees will understand legal requirements and best practices regarding account creation and management, document storage and version control, and compliance with e-discovery.

Who Should Attend: Administrators, Staff, Board Members 


Jerry Simmons

Jerry Simmons, ESQ.

Kaela Haydu

Kaela Haydu, ESQ.
Senior Counsel

Kaela Haydu

Ashton Holland
IT Specialist

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