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For years, Proposition 39 has ensured that many charter schools have the facilities they need to open and to operate, though the law has its challenges. In submitting Prop. 39 requests, charter schools need to ensure their requests are complete, comprehensive, and meet all legal requirements. They also need to know their rights in responding to facilities offers from the district, to ensure they receive reasonably equivalent facilities. This workshop will walk participants through the Prop. 39 process and provide advice and strategies for ensuring that charter schools understand their rights under the law and receive the facilities they need.

Attendees will come to understand:

  • Each step of the Prop. 39 process
  • How to advocate for their rights under Prop. 39 with the school district

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October 18, 2021


10:00–11:30 AM




Sarah Kollman
Sarah Kollman, ESQ.
Partner, YM&C
Phillipa Altmann
Phillipa Altmann, ESQ.
Senior Litigation Counsel, CCSA

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