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There has been a significant rise in Public Records Act requests directed at charter schools. Charter school adversaries are increasingly leveraging the PRA to uncover vulnerabilities in compliance and operations. They seek access to texts and emails, often assumed to be private because they are exchanged using personal phones and email addresses.

Join us for a crucial webinar, where we will give you the knowledge to respond effectively to these requests. Learn essential strategies to safeguard as much information as possible while maintaining compliance. Additionally, we’ll delve into the repercussions when missteps in the response process escalate to litigation.

Your participation in this session is instrumental as we work together to navigate the complexities of PRA requests, ensuring charter schools can operate with resilience and maintain the necessary privacy protection. We look forward to engaging in this consequential conversation with you.

Who Should Attend:

Administrators/Charter School Leaders, Authorizers, Charter Board Members.


Kimberly Rodriguez, Esq.

Kimberly Rodriguez, ESQ.
Senior Counsel

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